Green Valley Sole Mare Moro Val Verde




For over 60 years, Conga Foods has been searching the globe for the finest foods and bringing back the best new flavours for Australians to discover and share. It’s in our heritage to be passionate about food, family and friends. Our portfolio of strong brands and fine international products represents our zest for life and our Italian spirit of generosity which is lived on to this day.

We stand behind our brands such as Moro, Sole Mare, Val Verde and Green Valley which have stood the test of time on the shelves, and can be found in many Australian households.

We distribute our products through retail and food service, nationally around Australia. Our brands can be seen on the shelves of the biggest supermarkets all the way down to the small delicatessen on the corner. We have offices in NSW, SA, QLD and our head office in VIC.

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