Green Valley Sole Mare Moro Val Verde




Conga Foods captures the irresistible flavours of the Mediterranean with products you know and love such as Moro Olive Oil and Vinegar, Green Valley Olives, Val Verde tomatoes, Sacla sauces and Sole Mare Tuna. 

Share our passion and enthusiasm for food by choosing authentic products of the finest quality.

Our products can be found in a variety of locations from traditional continental delicatessens, to larger supermarkets and also many top restaurants as preferred ingredients in your favourite dishes!

Other brands in the Conga range include Zanetti and Soresina cheese, Kimbo coffee, Bialetti coffee makers, Paluani seasonal cakes, Rummo Premium pasta, Spiga di Puglia pasta,  Scotti rice and more. We hope our products inspire you to be as passionate about quality food as we are!

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